I could have earned 50 cents. Maybe a dollar.

When I was little, my grandmother would offer me a quarter if I would sit still for 5 minutes. Yes, she knew her money was safe. But this morning, in the quiet and the dappled sunshine, I would have earned four shiny quarters. When I was ready to go back inside and finish up my chores before work, I took some pictures.

Here’s where I…

Sitting in silence.
Sat in silence with God.
Counted the leaves as they fell.
Watching the sunlight.
Watched the sunlight and dappled shade.

My grandma would be tickled.


  1. How cool!

    My mom paid me to stay outside. A materialist–I thought being just a bit annoying was a good (and to me quite natural) way to make a little extra cash for candy.

    Thanks, Deb, for showing me a path to redemption!


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