Friday Five: These are a few of my favorite things!

This week at RevGalBlogPals I’m hosting the Friday Five. I was inspired by a post from RevPal Mindy. As I read her post, I thought of a favorite book that we read to our daughters and nieces/nephews when they were little.

One Gorilla
One Gorilla

It’s a fun counting book by Atsuko Morozumi that begins,

“Here is a list of things I love. One gorilla.
Two butterflies among the flowers and one gorilla.
Three budgerigars in my house and one gorilla…”

The list of things I love doesn’t necessarily include gorillas, but it is kind of random and they are right in front of me every day.

I challenged my RevGalBlogPal friends to come up with at least FIVE things that bring joy or make us smile. And I also challenged them to go beyond family, friends and pets. Mindy came up with THIRTEEN!

So… here’s my list!

1. My hammock chair. Especially on cool, crisp days like today, I have been loving the opportunity to kick back and read. With something in my mug and book in my hand, it’s a pleasant way to recover from a busy on-call.


2. Trader Joe’s cookie butter. Make a sandwich with cookie butter and peanut butter, and you have a peanut butter cookie sandwich. Totally decadent. Not a regular part of my diet (fortunately!) but it is addicting. I try to enjoy it with a good measure of self-control.


3. Our back yard. It’s lush in the summer, barren but beautiful in the winter. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it. And now that the labyrinth is finished, it’s even more refreshing.

Our back yard.
Our back yard.

4. Football season. Ohio State football, to be precise.

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5. Applesauce made from scratch. Mmmmm…. the smell, the warm yummy-ness of fresh applesauce. I have this contraption called a ‘Squeezo’ that cranks out the applesauce by the quart.

Making applesauce with my Squeezo!
Making applesauce with my Squeezo!

6. Books and a comfy place to read.

Reading in my favorite rocker... purring cat optional.
Reading in my favorite rocker… purring cat optional.

7. Our waterbed. Warm and toasty on chilly mornings.



8. A walk on a natural beach. I know there are “boardwalk beach people” among us, which is fine. Y’all go ride the rides and eat the corn dogs. I’ll pull and push the tide and count seagulls. 🙂



9. My piano. It doesn’t get played as often as it should, but I do so enjoy sitting down to play/sing, especially when the house is empty.



10. The wood floors in our kitchen. The way the sun shines in on them is almost like a temple for the sunshine. And it’s warm to my bare feet.


OK… that’s enough for now. Check out the other posts on this topic at RevGalBlogPals and maybe post your own. 🙂


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