For the first time in 21 years, neither one of our daughters are going back-to-school. Both are college graduates. Both are making inroads on the job market. Both are strong, lively, caring young women. But there’s no “Back-to-School” this year. It’s now “Back-to-Something-Else”! From their public school days, I don’t miss the homework assignments … More Back-to-Something-Else

Wondering Woman 

It’s Saturday. I have laundry to do, correspondence to send out, books to read and a sermon to write. I also have a head-pounding allergy headache. And what I really want to do is nap. Or garden.  Mostly I’m just wondering how I’m going to fit everything in my day into my day. Wondering where I’ll … More Wondering Woman 

Take a breath

   At first glance the snow is piling up on branches and cars. It’s not much just enough to frost the world in loveliness. I watch as fat flakes fall and the sky brightens. Time to start my day, driving, charting, seeing patients, offering prayers, listening, and waiting. But first… I take a breath as … More Take a breath