Who IS this woman, any way?

Who IS this woman?

About Rev. Deb Vaughn…

I have many roles, such as mom, wife, friend, chaplain, pastor, and perpetual student. But I’m also a musician, reader and blogger, and a Buckeye fan down to my toes. Oh yeah, I have a quirky sense of humor (but you probably figured that out already!) Above all, I’m passionate about being the person God has designed me to be.
What I write is from my heart and does not represent the opinions, experiences or theological barkity-bark of my divinity school, my congregation, my job, or my family. It’s just me. As true and sincere to myself and my thoughts and beliefs as I can be.

Any reflections, conversations, or stories presented in this blog are anonymized and/or fictional. No person or persons is represented intentionally or unintentionally.

If you want to contact me or have questions feel free to use the comment area or email me at christmaslabyrinth (at) gmail (dot) com  

OR leave a comment (which I’ll see as well).

Please be patient. I have a real job and don’t always notice that there’s email to answer.

FINALLY… This is my own work. If you want to republish or re-use it please ask for permission.