Before the skies opened up with hail and thunder, with a downpour overflowing the birdbath and pounding the stove exhaust hood, there was this… The return of hummingbirds to my feeders. Swift. Quiet. Lovers of the sweet life.  A sermon in itself.  

After The Storm

It stormed last night The wind and rain woke me (or perhaps it was the cats, running for cover in a panic!) This morning I found the air was fresh, the heat abated, and the dewy aftermath of the storm beaded every surface. How true it is that storms in life come, overwhelm and panic, … More After The Storm

From The Blotter

I had to throw away a desk blotter – the kind that you can slide pictures or little quotes underneath. (I know it doesn’t make much sense to have this kind of desk blotter, particularly since mine is always COVERED with papers. But I like them.) Anyway, there were some quotes that I had carefully … More From The Blotter

Friday Five: Pests

Jan from RevGalBlogPals offers this week’s Friday Five: After lots of rain and high temperatures, the flea population has mushroomed in Corpus Christi, TX, more specifically in our home! We have three dogs and one indoor cat, who have had their monthly flea treatments to no avail. Unfortunately, my female body is the one the … More Friday Five: Pests