A New Heart Song

I have frequently referred to songs that speak to my Spirit as “heart songs.” Today I heard a new one and wanted to commend it to you. Josh Garrels’ song May You Find a Light is gentle, encouraging, and speaks to the real need we all have to find fellow travelers on this road. It makes … More A New Heart Song


I found several posts that didn’t get published when I thought that they were. If you subscribe to my feed, you’ll find them popping up. I’m leaving the backdates in place because that’s the time they represent. Just trying to start the New Year with no “drafts” in my queue.    

Say WHAT!?!??

Ever have one of those days where you think you might be forgetting something? Something important? Something REALLY important? Some days you get by on a whole lotta luck. (And yes. I gave the truck a lot of space because doing the “hand truck slalom” was not on my to-do list today!)