Tag: Silence

Deep Peace

John Rutter’s setting of the Gaelic blessing, “Deep Peace” is playing in the background. I have finished some writing, some house cleaning, put away the laundry and reviewed my calendar for the week… and have a few moments to just sit and Be. At…

Heard in a whisper

The empty chair at the fireplace edge beckoned welcomed invited me “Come and sit” “Come and listen” Come and just BE” And so I sat and rocked and listened and heard, “Now go out and listen some more…”        

I could have earned 50 cents. Maybe a dollar.

When I was little, my grandmother would offer me a quarter if I would sit still for 5 minutes. Yes, she knew her money was safe. But this morning, in the quiet and the dappled sunshine, I would have earned four shiny quarters. When…

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