Changes in Attitude

Not gonna lie… I was NOT happy about the weather forecast yesterday. And as I crawled out of bed on a blustery, dreary, rainy morning, I did my sharing of bitching.

It struck me, though, that I could continue to complain… or I could invite God into my day, intentionally and fully into my day. (Side note: YES – I do pray each morning for God to be with me as I see my hospice patients, interact with families and co-workers, and move from one appointment to the next. But it was a complete act of the will to do so yesterday.)

There’s nothing profound about this. I simply asked God to show me Beauty. I invited God into the mundane sloshing from place to place. My shoes were squishy. My pants from the knee-down were soaked. I was… bedraggled and annoyed. If ever I needed a sense of grace and Presence in my life, that was the day.

I am grateful for safe driving in the pouring rain because one of the tires on my car lost pressure as indicated by a warning light on my dash. I stopped and pumped it back to the correct pressure. In the rain. In the wind. In my squishy shoes. And when I started to get mad and grumpy, I said, “Not today, Satan. You are not stealing my joy!”

There were many beautiful moments, but here’s a few of them… And the last image inspired a prayer which you can read here…

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