Changes are in the air…

Changes that surprise, delight, and while not unexpected, can catch me off-guard. When did the maple outside our window start turning? When did the green grass of our back yard begin to show a tinge of brown? Suddenly, the geese are more active, flying and honking and flying some more… and the squirrels are busy with finding and burrowing away acorns and seeds.

I have changed how I wake up in the morning, starting to use my “sunrise” alarm clock. My body craves morning light, missing the brightness through our easterly windows. And there’s a bit of condensation, (almost “frost”) on my windshield.

I sit this with understanding that change is coming… with a heart that listens… with eyes that try not to miss a new opportunity, a change in direction.

I don’t have a big change planned personally (just so you know!) but I’m watching Creation around me and pausing to ask the Divine “What are you changing in me?”

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