STAR WORD 2019: Growth

A paper star with the word "Growth" on it.
2019: the year of Growth

My “Star Word” for 2019 was “Growth.” A word that I was not exactly excited about drawing during the Epiphany service in January 2019. But it is a word that perfectly describes my year.

GROWTH in that I had knee surgery and made the necessary lifestyle adjustments to have a successful rehab.

GROWTH in that I started a regular practice of working out twice a week with a trainer, and regularly committing to cardio workouts too.

GROWTH in that I lost! Lost weight. Lost an interest in foods I would be able to binge on without regard for my overall health. (Greasy potato chips no longer hold their appeal. Neither do Big Macs and shakes! My body protests for a couple of days after I inflict those on my digestive system.)

GROWTH in that I took ownership of some habits I needed to change. Not necessarily “bad” habits – just practices I needed to recognize as harmful and to change.

GROWTH in that I owned my own blind spots related to my white privilege and that I have much to learn and address within my thoughts and prejudices. (See “habits.”)

GROWTH in my reading and writing. OK, still no book published. Or even drafted. But I read 27 books in 2019. I’m aiming for 36 books (3 a month) for 2020. (You can join the annual Reading Challenge here!)

GROWTH in learning how to pastor a church that is closing (short answer: it sucks and there is no easy way).

GROWTH in being a better parent-coach to our young adult daughters, a better wife of 30+ years to my Beloved Bearded Spouse.

GROWTH in realizing how far I have to go.

a photo of a desk organizer and a small star that says "conviction" on it.

And… my Star Word for 2020? CONVICTION. Wow. OK. I’ll be pondering that more…

To get your own star word:

  • leave me a comment (and I’ll reply with your word)
  • message me or respond to my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr
  • just ask when you see me!

Here’s to the journey of wonder, contemplation and Light!

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