STAR WORD 2019: Growth

A paper star with the word "Growth" on it.
2019: the year of Growth

My “Star Word” for 2019 was “Growth.” A word that I was not exactly excited about drawing during the Epiphany service in January 2019. But it is a word that perfectly describes my year.

GROWTH in that I had knee surgery and made the necessary lifestyle adjustments to have a successful rehab.

GROWTH in that I started a regular practice of working out twice a week with a trainer, and regularly committing to cardio workouts too.

GROWTH in that I lost! Lost weight. Lost an interest in foods I would be able to binge on without regard for my overall health. (Greasy potato chips no longer hold their appeal. Neither do Big Macs and shakes! My body protests for a couple of days after I inflict those on my digestive system.)

GROWTH in that I took ownership of some habits I needed to change. Not necessarily “bad” habits – just practices I needed to recognize as harmful and to change.

GROWTH in that I owned my own blind spots related to my white privilege and that I have much to learn and address within my thoughts and prejudices. (See “habits.”)

GROWTH in my reading and writing. OK, still no book published. Or even drafted. But I read 27 books in 2019. I’m aiming for 36 books (3 a month) for 2020. (You can join the annual Reading Challenge here!)

GROWTH in learning how to pastor a church that is closing (short answer: it sucks and there is no easy way).

GROWTH in being a better parent-coach to our young adult daughters, a better wife of 30+ years to my Beloved Bearded Spouse.

GROWTH in realizing how far I have to go.

a photo of a desk organizer and a small star that says "conviction" on it.

And… my Star Word for 2020? CONVICTION. Wow. OK. I’ll be pondering that more…

To get your own star word:

  • leave me a comment (and I’ll reply with your word)
  • message me or respond to my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr
  • just ask when you see me!

Here’s to the journey of wonder, contemplation and Light!


  1. […] I’ll pick one at random from my bag of stars. It will be yours to contemplate in the New Year. You might not like the word you get… but eventually, there will be some sort of spiritual insight or affirmation from it. As I like to tell people, “the word chooses YOU!” Every year I have engaged in this practice, I have learned something about myself and have been encouraged in my personal spiritual practice. You can read about my reflection on my 2019 Star Word HERE! […]


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