Well, that didn’t happen.

A lot didn’t happen this month. Oh, lists were generated. Plane flights booked. Calendars updated. Tentative plans made…

And then I got the flu.

So I’m snuggled on the couch with a cat, trying to focus on all I have, not all I want to do. I’m feeling better, though not 100%. I rearranged my schedule. I listened to my doctor, and stayed home and rested.

So today’s prayer which I posted over at RevGals seems a fitting way for me to refocus for the remainder of Advent.

A red Christmas cactus and a new shoot on a bamboo plant
Blooms and roots

O Tender Root of Jesse,

Promised to us,
Abiding with us,
Bloom in our dry deserts of hearts,
Grow in our distracted, busy lives.
Surprise us with your joy and love.
Encourage us with your hope and peace.

We are weary…
We wander away…

Gather us in
Be born in us today
O come to us,
Abide with us,
O hope of all Creation.