TGIF Flowers

Sunflowers and miniature carnations in a large crystal vase

Some days my work gets to me…

Some days it’s people that pluck my last nerve. Some days it’s the injustice I see of people without access to good healthcare dying much, much younger than necessary. Some days it’s the death of a patient that’s been on my caseload a long, long time. Some days it’s the stupid Medicare rules funded by politicians who have top tier health care (that we pay for with our tax dollars.)

Some days, it’s all of the above.

A grey tabby cat getting his ears scratched next to a woman with her laptop open

I can’t change a thing by grumbling or complaining. But I can buy myself flowers that help lift my spirits, and sit and do my charting with Henry, senior statescat.

And I’m good with that.

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