Disrupted Sleep Edition

I can always tell when I have something on my mind and I haven’t worked out how to resolve it…

I can’t sleep.

Tonight I made myself a cup of hot milk and took my melatonin.
I picked a BOoooorrrring!!! text from my CPE required reading.
I folded warm towels (don’t know why, but I find that soothing)
I read a “recreational” book on my Kindle.
I “terraformed” some of my turf on SecondLife.
I sat and watched the goldfish swim.

And here I sit, wide awake. Still.

Part of the reason I am so wide awake is that I’ve been trying to figure out WHAT I’m worrying about. I have no clue. It’s as though it’s right behind the reaches of my mind. Just around the corner from my consciousness.

Sometimes when I have insomnia, I sit and pray for everyone I can think of, mentioning them by name or by situation. I pray “around the world” for people I know in Spain, Kenya, India, Korea, Australia, Hawaii, Oregon, Ohio, North Carolina… and then here in Maryland. Sometimes I just sit in silence, waiting for “the” face or event to pop into my mind… so that I can pray, and then go to bed.

So far… I get a deafening silence. All 3 cats have wandered through, having had their first nighttime nap. Now I would dearly love to start mine.

I have to be up in 5 hours… do you suppose that will be enough sleep to do a coherent job tomorrow?? I hope so.

And whatever it is that is niggling in the back of my mind, perhaps it will come to the forefront by morning.

small ‘splosion…

That sound you heard was my temper exploding:

“Therefore the practice of using the same term to refer (1) to male human beings and (2) to the human race generally is a practice that originated with God himself, and we should not find it objectionable or insensitive.”
~Wayne Grudem, Systematic Theology

Aside from misapplying the Hebrew and ignoring half the human race… no problem. And what’s with the royal “we”???

Words fail me.
And yeah. You can call me a feminist. Whatevs.