I hate the phone


I don’t like the phone.

I especially don’t like phoning to recruit or schmooze or “survey” or otherwise do visitor follow-up. Or persuade other people that it is a great “ministry” to do it so that I don’t have to…

It’s a problem because it is now becoming a large part of my work as a pastoral underling (aka “associate pastor.”) I am recruiting, training and “empowering” people to do it…

SOooo… what about the things I am passionate about in ministry???

Teaching? very little.
Preaching? non-existent to barely ever.

If you’d pray for my attitude and a miraculous change of heart… to loving “cold calls” (which is what this feels like) I’d appreciate it…
Because that what’s on my plate this week, and I really REALLY don’t want to do it…

And that sucketh mightily.

Just sayin’.

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