Is it “Goodbye” to the Big F?

I’m starting to work on a newly acquired piece of technology these days, and I love it. LOVE. IT. However, due to the lackadaisical way that I kept up with my passwords on two different log-in systems, I am having trouble logging in to one of my social media accounts. I have depended on a secure password system to keep all of my passwords synced. I change them regularly and choose “strong” passwords. And now, having to verify the passwords manually, it’s gotten complicated.

I’m glad it’s not my blog, or other portals. The annoying part is that this monopoly, the Big F, subsists on our personal data. Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t log in and give them more data to mine. Ironic, huh?

I have come to depend on the Big F to keep in touch, share funny memes, and follow politics and celebrities. I follow professional groups and enjoy the humor and support of other “Cats with Clergy.” I keep up with RevGals around the world.

For the past few days… my attempts at correctly logging in have been hit or miss. I have answered security questions (correctly). I have guessed at four of my recent posts (about a 50/50 accuracy rate.) I finally pestered family for help to log in as my “trusted contacts” and it worked. HALLEUJAH!!!

Until it didn’t work the next day…

You know, I’m beginning to think about whether or not I want to use the Big F any more… They get a lot of my data for free, after all.

So if you think I have disappeared off the planet, I have not. I’m just in “log-in limbo” until we all agree that I am who I say that I am and my password is indeed what I have typed in a gazillion times.

You’ll find me in other places and spaces, but please feel free to say hello in the comments.

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