Star Word: – IMAGINE

Epiphany, the celebration of the Magi coming to see the Infant Jesus, officially occurs on January 6th (this year, a Thursday). In the days around Epiphany, many in Christendom stop to reflect and ponder how God guides us today. One practice can be a part of Epiphany is called “Star Words,” a simple, intentional act of reflection and inspiration.

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I never got around to posting about this, but the word I received last year was “DREAM.” Not an easy word for Coronatide. In fact, almost impossible. But we did have some dreams come true: a summer vacation in July and a Christmas celebration with our both daughters happened! In the time of COVID and testing and rampant variants, it was a huge blessing.

This year, my word is IMAGINE. Of course I thought of John Lennon’s song first. But I’m moving beyond that to think about how being able to IMAGINE would change the challenges I face, or the possibilities I refuse to entertain. What would it be like? IMAGINE!

IMAGINE if we were able to communicate across political fractures

IMAGINE if we fed the hungry

IMAGINE if we provided access to healthcare for everyone

IMAGINE if hearts and minds were freed of old habits of systemic racism, greed, and selfish ambition.

IMAGINE if I had the emotional and physical energy to respond to the needs around me by letting go of the unimportant and inessential


That’s where I’m starting in my reflection about my Star Word.

Would you like a star word? Leave a comment below and I will draw one from the bag for you! There’s over a hundred — who knows which word will “choose” you?


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