A New Year’s Haiku

Thoughts in a tangle

My life has changes ahead

Focus: Thrive and grow!

Rev. Deb Vaughn, cat herder, pastor, and dust bunny collector

It’s a grey, rainy New Year’s morning. I had an agenda for today, but it is slowly being replaced by playing in my fabrics and yarn, (if you know, you know…). Creative noodling around frees up my mind to see other possibilities. And seeing the tangle of bare wisteria vines reminded me that Nature takes time to rest before the next growth spurt. And so will I.

I wonder if, deep in the earth, the wisteria makes plans and sets goals, or if she just allows the composting leaves and winter rain to sink in to her roots. I wonder if she misses the lush leafing-out of Summer, or if she smiles with thankfulness with fond memories of busier times. I wonder if she embraces the birds wintering over, and extends a gentle invitation to rest and nest in the Spring. I wonder what would happen if I follow her example…

Here’s to whatever creative noodling comes your way on this New Year’s Day. May you see positive changes in 2022.

P.S. Here’s a meme version of the haiku if you’d like it for your desktop.

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