Sing your heart out!


 The thermometer said it was 10° outside. I admit it. I was more than a little grumpy and cranky about getting up and getting dressed and going to church. My bed was so warm. The cats so purry…

And then… out in the maple tree, feathers fluffed against the cold, a little Carolina wren sang and sang and sang! (So much so, at first I thought it was an alarm or some kind of alert on one of our electronic devices!)

She sang and I watched little puffs of steam from her breath. The wind bobbled the branches up-and-down. She held on, and sang. 

My crankiness melted away. I smiled and watch this little wren, and my heart was lifted. I started to sing “let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”

It seemed to be a bit of a reminder. God got my attention. There will be days it will be hard. There will be mornings when you feel chilled to the depths of your heart. There will be nights when it feels like the dawn is never coming. And still…

No one should be left out;    Let every man and every beast—    every creature that has the breath of the Lord—praise the Eternal! Praise the Eternal!

Psalm 150:6. The Voice

Thanks be to God!

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