Sing your heart out!

    The thermometer said it was 10° outside. I admit it. I was more than a little grumpy and cranky about getting up and getting dressed and going to church. My bed was so warm. The cats so purry… And then… out in the maple tree, feathers fluffed against the cold, a little Carolina wren … More Sing your heart out!

Breathe Deeply

As the tide rolls in and out in the salt marsh and the egrets dance in the waving grass Breathe deeply Know that God is near. When the seagulls gather to gossip and feed and the waves push in, scattering with the foam Breathe deeply Rest in the beauty of the Creator. As the sea … More Breathe Deeply

Video blogging

Some slight technical difficulties (my ignorance on converting files!) but I think we are ready to roll. The video blog is actually two videos in one. The first part uses Jennifer Knapp’s song “Peace” to express how I find a deep sense of joy and peace when I spend time with God at the beach. … More Video blogging

Palm Sunday 2012

Palm Sunday is today. I realize by even writing that I’ve either made you think “yeah, I know that” or “so what?” This post is meant for those of us who ask the latter question. On the surface, the events of Palm Sunday seem more like a pep rally. “Hosanna! Blessings on the One who … More Palm Sunday 2012

A Summer Morning

This morning is one of those lovely, breath-catching mornings. The humidity is low. The air is thick with birdsong. The trees and grass are still fresh and green. And my morning devotions ended up being a photoshoot instead of a Bible study. Time to do that later when the sun is higher in the sky. … More A Summer Morning