You’re in good company…

I had a long, difficult conversation with someone recently about believing or disbelieving God, and about the role doubt plays in our faith journeys. The conversation was left unresolved, and I have been reflecting on where it could go in the person’s life, or in mine, for that matter.

Reading Mark 9 this morning, I had a kind of Eureka moment… for when I honestly admit my doubts and fears, the Holy Spirit brings me the understanding and space to trust, and for my faith to grow. It sparked this poem/photo reflection.

If you are in that place of doubt, anger, fear or anxiety, God will meet you there. And will be with you, even as you struggle with your unbelief.

May you be at peace…


Jesus said unto him,
“If thou canst believe,
all things are possible to him that believeth.”
And straightway the father of the child cried out
and said with tears,
“Lord, I believe;
help Thou mine unbelief!”
Mark 9:23-24 NKJV


As the last leaf falls

and the wind sweeps it away

do You count them like the fallen sparrow

or the hairs on my head?


As the teardrops flow

and the sighs of pain and sorrow heave

do You catch them all and heal

their ancient pain from a broken world?


As the days grow short

and the night tries conquers the light

will You walk beside me, listening, soothing

and building up my courage?


When my doubts take root

and crowd the edges of my faith

can You once again renew my heart and strengthen my resolve

and show me the path back to Your grace?


“Lord, I believe;
help Thou mine unbelief!”

One comment

  1. Doubt is one of the ways that God can get in to our lives and help us build trust and relationship. However, it’s often in hindsight that we can “see” the ways that God got in. Still, looking back and seeing that God was there, is a way to build trust that God is there the next time doubt arises. It helps when we can name those occasions and remember them.


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