On the needles

Recently a family member had an outpatient procedure. We rushed to get out the door on time. Rushed to the office, only to be parked in the waiting area. After the prelims were done I had a lot of time just sitting alone. Waiting. Usually as I “hurry up and wait,” I’m knitting. And that … More On the needles

Autumn Alleluia

Autumn Alleluia This fleeting moment when leaves turn, one by one, from green to gold and orange, I stop and take a breath. Life drifts by, the moments blur into days, into weeks, into years. I stop and look up and offer a silent Thanksgiving for all of the good gifts God brings. Even in death, … More Autumn Alleluia

Lent: Week Five

In November, we found a leak in our bathroom (one that started dripping water into the living room below). It was temporarily fixed so that we could get through the holidays. We knew that we would eventually have to do more than just duct tape and glue. And it took a couple of months, but … More Lent: Week Five

Lent: Week 2

Lent continues. We remember the stories of Christ by the sea on the hillside with the people with the disciples preaching teaching healing praying embracing encouraging challenging forgiving The slow march from the ordinary life to the extraordinary sacrifice continues. We watch We pray We ponder We wait. And wait some more. There is much … More Lent: Week 2

A prayer for change

I dropped an egg on the floor this morning. I cleaned it up, grumbling. It was an accident. But it happened because I was not fully engaged in what I was doing. A momentary choice, a lapse of attention, caused it. BAM. BUSTED. How many times do we want to take back the past mistakes… … More A prayer for change