Tired and Mossy

Just in front of my parking space yesterday was this mossy trunk of a stately oak tree. The grass wasn’t sprouting yet. The branches were bare, and last year’s leaves blew around on the ground beneath her. No sign of spring anywhere… I had a moment of familiarity. The cold, dark, and windy days we’re … More Tired and Mossy

Back to my roots

     A wise woman once said to me that there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these, she said, is roots, the other, wings. Quoted by Hodding Carter in “Where Main Street Meets the River” We had our annual family reunion last week. It was full … More Back to my roots

When less than perfect is… perfect!

My travels today took me all over suburbia, from the newest neighborhoods with massive custom homes to the post-World War 2 bungalows. In the outer ‘burbs, there are many places where the agricultural community lives side-by-side with modern amenities. Driving on one back road, I chuckled at the sight of a herd of white-faced Herefords grazing in a … More When less than perfect is… perfect!

Little foxes

The day started with a sense that it was not going to be my day. SQUISH!  Yes, I stepped in a fresh pile of cat hork… and had to change my socks… and wash my feet… EWWWW! Really, cat? I cleaned up some of the mess and left the rest to dry. Not to worry, I … More Little foxes

After the storm

In case you hadn’t heard, it snowed. It snowed A LOT. For about 36 hours, we watched the piles grow taller and taller. It was beautiful. After about 16 hours of shoveling, first the driveway and then the leavings from the snow plow, we were back to a regular schedule. But life, for just a … More After the storm