Lent: Week Five

In November, we found a leak in our bathroom (one that started dripping water into the living room below). It was temporarily fixed so that we could get through the holidays. We knew that we would eventually have to do more than just duct tape and glue. And it took a couple of months, but in February, we started the process of remodeling our bathrooms.

It’s meant moving things out of the way, relocating everything from towels to shampoo. (It is actually kind of amazing, and a little bit embarrassing, to find out how much we can cram into a bathroom cabinet. But I digress…)

Major home remodeling means living with dust and noise. It means there’s plastic up to cut down on the dust, and protection on the floors and steps. It is part of the process. It won’t last forever. We’re living in the waiting, the wondering, the promise of it ending.

We are very happy with the process so far, but I will really enjoy having all of my house back in about a month. 🙂 I appreciate the care and skill that our design/build firm demonstrates, but I’ll appreciate it even more when it’s over!

Major remodeling jobs are very much like Lent, in that respect. Living through it is wearying, even though I know that the end is in sight. We’re a week away from Holy Week beginning, with the story of redemption and prophecy, forgiveness and renewal.

This afternoon, we did some additional prep and work in our bedroom, anticipating the contractors returning tomorrow. I glanced towards what will be our new closet and bathroom. The vague outlines of a closet door and hallway towards the bath were visible, but not clear. It is there. It is coming. Soon. But not quite.


What do I see?
The edge, the promise of something new!
The hope, the sight of things not yet
So close
But still not quite.

I am impatient
with myself
with the wait
with the wondering
with the doing
with the listening and following
with the noise and mess of life.

You promise me,
“It will be worth the wait!”

I long for You
to show Your power and glory and strength,
invading our world
taking over our plans
and recreating us again
to be like You.

Alle— no, not yet!
I hold the word on my tongue
For Easter morning comes.
Surely, it does.

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