Burning my Hosannas

Hosanna!  Hosanna!  Blessed is the One who comes in the name of the Lord! I remember… hands raised in praise the streets filled with people shouts of joy “blessed, how blessed!” months go by discouraged and tired the heart is weary “why, Lord, why?” how I’ve failed what I’ve done what I’ve not done all … More Burning my Hosannas

Autumn Alleluia

Autumn Alleluia This fleeting moment when leaves turn, one by one, from green to gold and orange, I stop and take a breath. Life drifts by, the moments blur into days, into weeks, into years. I stop and look up and offer a silent Thanksgiving for all of the good gifts God brings. Even in death, … More Autumn Alleluia

After The Storm

It stormed last night The wind and rain woke me (or perhaps it was the cats, running for cover in a panic!) This morning I found the air was fresh, the heat abated, and the dewy aftermath of the storm beaded every surface. How true it is that storms in life come, overwhelm and panic, … More After The Storm