Lent: Week 2

2014-02-28 09.46.45

Lent continues.

We remember the stories of Christ
by the sea
on the hillside
with the people
with the disciples

The slow march
from the ordinary life
to the extraordinary sacrifice continues.

We watch
We pray
We ponder
We wait.
And wait some more.

There is much to be revealed
Much we do not understand
Our lives remains insulated
Off target
And yet, fulfilled
full of grace and truth.

We see the shrink-wrapped mulch
stacked on pallets
under the awning
with snow coming,
We buy shovels and salt
and long for warm days
and buds and flowers.

Like the mulch
We are waiting
for the right timing.
There will be a day
when all is in readiness
New growth
New warmth
New blooms in our flower beds.

Lent has many more days
many more weeks
We sigh as we wait
And yet
We know
The day will come
There will be that glorious morning

But until then
We wait
We try to watch and pray
We fail
We know more deeply the forgiving love
and saving grace
Of God

So may it be.

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