Friday Five: Triumphs

Kathrynzj is hosting this week’s Friday Five:

At my church we’re in the midst of a new thing – the Narrative Lectionary. So far, so good… I think. It’s so hard to tell right in the middle of something new if it’s going well or not, isn’t it? We’re still too early in the process to do a survey or really dive into the classic reflections: What worked? What didn’t? What should we change? What should stay the same?

So in an attempt to remind myself that sometimes these things take time and that I have, in fact, been involved in other triumphant things, I’ve decided to list five of my triumphs.

How ’bout it? Care to join me?List five triumphs – they can be professional (grew a youth program from 0 to 60 in 2 years) or they can be personal (she said yes). You can do a quick list or you can elaborate. They can be little (I avoided the office candy jar this week) or HUGE (I had to grind it out, but eventually I passed all of my ordination exams).  It’s totally up to you. And if you’d like a bonus question: give us a fail (hmmmm) – but you don’t have to do that one if you’re too busy being triumphant.


1. Raising two strong, young women of faith. And feminists to boot! I think they are close enough to adulthood that Bearded Brewer and I can declare this a “success.” 🙂

Our lovely daughters
Our lovely daughters

2. Overcoming stage fright. Srsly. I had it bad. Down to the “just-a-minute-before-we-go-I-need-to-puke” nerves. What helped? Listening to the people who believed in me, trusting in the God that was leading me, and absorbing a wonderful book, Stage Performance by Livingston Taylor. Because it really, truly isn’t about me. It’s about Who made me.

3. Finishing the labyrinth in our yard.
(Are you tired of reading about that yet?) It is truly lovely in this crisp fall weather we’re having. If you look closely, you can see the bricks among the leaves.

Autumn in the labyrinth
Autumn in the labyrinth

4. Getting through my M.Div., and even thriving.

I was part-time church staff, full-time wife and mom. I had to learn not just academic subjects, but life lessons about time management, boundaries, family systems, and church politics. And I still came out the other side with love for my Call and devotion to my God. After all the jokes about “going to cemetery” I can honestly say that the time I spent in my studies in Divinity School was good for my soul.

5. Being a chaplain. I love my work. I know what I do is important, even if it feels invisible and not a priority for people who hold the purse strings. For the people God sends me to, it’s priceless.

Heading to the Trauma Room.
Just doing rounds…

BONUS: A fail. Well, I can think of two. First, I will never EVER be a high wire artist. I made it through a high ropes course without an accident (of any kind). But the memory of doing this terrifies me to this day. And while I am sure it is fun and relaxing, I won’t be going on a cruise any time soon.

I said, "No Thank You!"
I said, “No Thank You!”


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