Tired and Mossy

Just in front of my parking space yesterday was this mossy trunk of a stately oak tree. The grass wasn’t sprouting yet. The branches were bare, and last year’s leaves blew around on the ground beneath her. No sign of spring anywhere… I had a moment of familiarity. The cold, dark, and windy days we’re … More Tired and Mossy

The 63rd Day

It’s the 63rd Day of Christmas. I counted. I’ve changed vestments from Advent to Ordinary time to Lent. I’ve had the flu, traveled to a conference, and worked too many hours, and have been so tired that One More Chore wasn’t gonna happen. The Christmas tree stayed up. Then February came. It was time to … More The 63rd Day

Heard in a whisper

The empty chair at the fireplace edge beckoned welcomed invited me “Come and sit” “Come and listen” Come and just BE” And so I sat and rocked and listened and heard, “Now go out and listen some more…”        

Friday Five: Triumphs

Kathrynzj is hosting this week’s Friday Five: At my church we’re in the midst of a new thing – the Narrative Lectionary. So far, so good… I think. It’s so hard to tell right in the middle of something new if it’s going well or not, isn’t it? We’re still too early in the process to … More Friday Five: Triumphs