Life in the Now… and Not Yet.

Today I read a couple of passages as part of my daily reading, and kept going back to them. How divinely perfect that I would read them this morning…

In the midst of Peter’s second letter, there is quite a bit of fire, brimstone and ending judgment. But there is also this snippet of hope and encouragement:

But according to his promise we are waiting for a new heaven and a new earth, where righteousness is at home. (2 Peter 3:13)

A place where righteousness is at home… so vastly different from a world where the front page is full of self-entitlement, war, racism and misogynist ravings.

There are days that I struggle to accept this balancing act of living in a world that is ripped apart by selfish ambition and sin… where people who choose to “do good” are vilified. And where the gentle promises of God, brought on the wings of the Spirit are all but ignored by most of us.

There are moments where I do not want to wait any longer to see how life plays out in the final chapters. Like an impatient reader, I want to skip to the last chapter and read it, and then go back and see how the plot develops. But in a way, I already know the ending. It’s waiting for the next move, the next twist in the plot that keeps me wondering and questioning.

I live in “the now and the not yet” — both streams in a confluence in my journey of faith and in my boldness to take the next leap of faith.

Thanks be to God.

—- oOo —-

P.S. I came across this video… a heart-warming rendition of an old Amy Grant fave ‘The Now and the Not Yet’ – enjoy these young women from Papua New Guinea… and expand your world a little. 🙂

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