I am Worn

Without going into the reasons, it’s been a hard day here in Narnia. I’m banging my head against the proverbial wall… and yet despite the frustration, I also feel the love of good friends and a compassionate and caring God. So if you have had a day that has just about flattened you (and from … More I am Worn

In the in-between

Advent. That season in Christendom where we wait. Wonder. Yearn. Dream. Pray. And then, we live with the fact that we do not have the answers we so desperately long to hear. It’s true in my Hospice work. Knowing that death is coming (or not). Wishing there were absolutes and clear prognostications (and being shocked … More In the in-between

O Joy?

There is this strange idea in some strands of Christianity that we will never have problems or have “bad things happen” if we are truly Jesus-loving people. As if. From the first fig leaf, humanity has seen and known pain, discouragement and doubt. But that’s not what sells, is it? The kiddie Bible my kids … More O Joy?

Healing Rain

Healing rain is coming down It’s coming nearer to this old town Rich and poor, weak and strong It’s bringing mercy, it won’t be long Healing rain is coming down It’s coming closer to the lost and found Tears of joy, and tears of shame Are washed forever in Jesus’ Name. Lift your heads, let … More Healing Rain