Things that are good for me… whether I like it or not!

I am trying a new exercise regimen. I’m only on week 2 – so don’t get too excited. Bascially, using 2 iPhone apps (JoggyCoach and Couch-2-5K), I’m getting in regular walking/jogging routes. I don’t really anticipate ever running a 5K. But I am intent on finding a way to exercise that I can keep up. It helps that The Johnnie, who is on rowing crew at JohnnieLand University, needs to work out for her fitness for rowing in the fall. It also helps that we all need regular exercise anyway.

So today, we walked/jogged/dragged my sorry butt for 3 miles. It was about 80% walking and 20% jogging. But it counts. May I just say that I do not enjoy jogging. I don’t mind a casual walk. Sometimes. When it’s pretty out. And not too cold/hot/muggy/buggy/icy. (Which rarely happens in the MidAtlantic states. But I digress…)

I have runner friends. They whine when they CAN’T run. I never understood that. And I still don’t. But for the sake of my bones, my heart and my lungs, I’m trying to do something that is good for me. Like this running/jogging thing.

The other thing that has been good for me is logging my food intake. The axiom I was told to use was “If you hog it, log it.” The app I’m using for that (LoseIt) shows me where the “junk” calories are. It’s annoying that foods that I enjoy the most are either bad for me or are expensive. I’m trying to focus on the positive here, but the transition time really sucks.

I don’t really want your advice. I won’t drink shakes that look like lawnmower clippings, so don’t even try.

I also don’t really want your sympathy. Just your prayers.

I earned my salad for lunch today. Just sayin. 🙂

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