On the Theraband-wagon

I have never been one to do a scheduled, planned exercise routine. Oh, I played team sports (ahem… not well!), biked, and ran laps (or stadium steps) for conditioning. I was a decent swimmer and worked as a lifeguard for a couple of summers. Before band tryouts, I jogged and practiced marching. I was never … More On the Theraband-wagon

The Myth Stops Here

It’s time. I have to confess. People think I am “so organized.” I am not. I can’t find the checkbook to write the checks for the piano and oboe teachers. (They are among the few who still require checks! I do indeed remember how.) I found three things that were meant as Christmas presents for … More The Myth Stops Here

Things that are good for me… whether I like it or not!

I am trying a new exercise regimen. I’m only on week 2 – so don’t get too excited. Bascially, using 2 iPhone apps (JoggyCoach and Couch-2-5K), I’m getting in regular walking/jogging routes. I don’t really anticipate ever running a 5K. But I am intent on finding a way to exercise that I can keep up.┬áIt … More Things that are good for me… whether I like it or not!