Second Friday Random Five

Revkjarla has this week’s Friday Five:

Is it really August 10??? Oy….where has the summer gone?   I have NOT been productive at all, but I am sure you have….so, with no theme in mind, because I have wasted lots of time  have spent much time in prayer in meditation, here is your Friday Five:

Well now. I stayed up too late watch the last bit of the “regular” Olympics broadcast. How can it already be tomorrow? What was on that kept me from my pillow? Confusion at the strange event we were watching: BMX racing! All I could figure was it’s a Y Chromosome thang. But I digress. Here we go!

1.  Have you planned anything for the fall/winter  that you are so proud of yourself for doing so?  What is it?
Um. Well. Proud? Not so much. But it’s a good thing that we have a little more organization heading into the school year. I’ve put the important dates for fall semester on the family calendar for school, home football games, college breaks, etc. So at least I know when school is starting. 😛
2.  What day of the week describes how you feel about yourself and why?
I don’t know how to answer this one. It’s rare that I’m stumped. But this one has me wordless.
3. If you could have been with Jesus at any one of his miracles, which would it have been, and why?
I would like to have been with the family of Jairus when their daughter was healed. On the way, you meet the woman who was healed of her long-term “issue of blood.” But to be with the family who was mourning a sick child, to see her alive again… as a chaplain, I can’t think of anything more encouraging or exciting.
4.  If you could have had another brother or sister, what would you have wanted, and why?
Wow. Well, there’s 7 of us. We’d really need twins to have a baseball team. So one of each would work. How’s that for diplomatic? 🙂
5.  If you had to choose one word that defined you and your life, what word would it be?
Joyous. I do love life and the love it brings.


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