Friday Five: Pests

Jan from RevGalBlogPals offers this week’s Friday Five:

After lots of rain and high temperatures, the flea population has mushroomed in Corpus Christi, TX, more specifically in our home! We have three dogs and one indoor cat, who have had their monthly flea treatments to no avail. Unfortunately, my female body is the one the fleas love to bite. So as you are reading this Friday Five, our pets and ourselves will be gone from the house for 3-4 hours, after a pest company sprays all the floors.

With fleas on my mind and on my body, here is an insect-ious Friday Five:

Since I’m in the middle of a big gardening work-out, this week’s Friday Five is quite appropriate!

1.What kinds of pests are in your neighborhood or area? We have mosquitos, stink bugs and gnats. Those are of the insect variety. Then there’s the four-legged pests: deer, raccoons, chipmunks and squirrels…

2. Is there a time of year or day that increases their activity? Weather affects their activity or not? The mosquitos definitely are on the upswing with all of this warm, wet weather. I do my best to keep things free of standing water, but there’s lots of places for them to breed.

3. Is there any pest that was new to you when you moved to a new location? It would have to be the deer! Those four-legged pests are walking mulch piles. Not to mention the issues with ticks!

4. How do you treat insect bites? Are you allergic to any? I seem to be quite delicious to a number of them. I develop lovely reactions. Just lovely. And usually I seem to get the most bites right before I want to go to an event where I want to wear a skirt.

We have three main comfort measures:

  1. – Cort-aid sticks or sprays
  2. – aloe-vera gel
  3. – Dermoplast spray

When all else fails, a Benadryl tends to take care of the rest of my symptoms.

5. Anything else you want to write about connected with insects/pests. Well, the old saying goes that we have two kinds of mosquitos around here. One kind are the little guys who get through every screen gap. The other kind are the great big ones who just open up the door and walk in! 😉

As far as repellants go — I use Deep Woods Off. The citronella stuff is a nice idea, but I don’t see that it works that well. However, it does make for nice lighting in the early evening. When I finish my yardwork, I’ll post pictures. 🙂

One comment

  1. I worried much more about deer and ticks when we lived in NJ. People on the street where we lived had contracted lyme disease, which is why we had no pets while we lived there. Hope your gardening is going well!


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