delete… delete… delete…

I have started several posts and then decided to delete them. I’m in a somewhat precarious
position as far as blogging is concerned right now. My work as a chaplain, which I love, has many constraints on my public conversations and reflections. If it weren’t the privacy rules (which, trust me, are rabid and robust and could get me fired), it’s the ethical issue of telling someone else’s story.

And for various reasons, I’m not up to divulging more of a personal nature. At least, not at the moment.

So though I have vignettes which have taught me grace by the truckload, I can’t write about them. Trust me, they would make you cry. Or laugh. Or thank your lucky stars that you and yours are healthy and at peace with one another.

For every post you read, I have four or five in my “draft” folder. They may never see the light of day. But they are most definitely known to The Holy One, who is able to hold them for me.


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