Setting myself up to fail

I hadn’t planned to do this, but decided that it would be fun to set up a 365 photoblog. I have a couple of patients who are doing a 365 blog as part of their mindfulness practice. They want to experience each day, not slide through life or fake it. And they want to create a memory of their lives, something that they can look at in a year… realizing that they may or may not make the one year mark.

As a chaplain, this touched my heart. I decided that I would try it too. After all, my iPhone is practically welded to my hand. I have a camera at the ready. I also have a digital XLR and love to take photographs. So… I’m signing on!

I am taking this on knowing that it’s pretty impossible to get a picture up every single day of the year. Most of the photobloggers note that it can take 2 years (or more!!) to get their blog up to 365 pictures. So I’m setting myself up to fail. But I’m also taking on a project that will help me see the “big picture.” Life flies by at warp speed… I’m hoping this will help me see moments to hit the “pause” button.

The photoblog will be here — feel free to drop by.

One thought on “Setting myself up to fail

  1. Goid luck! I have a friend who is doing a 365 project with her cell phone. She’s not doing a blog, just posting them to Flickr in a photoset. It is her 2nd attempt at such a venture, but is finding it much easier with the phone than when she tried with a more conventional (digital) camera.


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