Living in the aftermath of Christmas

I’ve had a lazy morning. I’ve almost made it to noon and haven’t changed out of my PJs. Everyone here at the hacienda has had a lazy morning… even the cats. I know we needed it! It was time for a break from the crazy! We all have benefited from a “do-list-less” morning.

The past week has been overly busy between the prep I had to do as the covering pastor for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services, The Johnnie’s wisdom teeth extraction, pit rehearsals beginning for Reedy Girl, and Bearded Brewer working long hours on a project that is closing in on a deadline. Everything has gone fairly well. The Johnnie is healing nicely and is almost ready to chew (she is coveting some crackers or chewy bread!) Reedy Girl has been getting more sleep than she’s had in weeks. Bearded Brewer has ignored work emails as today the office is closed. And all told, I’ve managed to feel unstressed about the list of things undone.

Everything worked well at church BECAUSE of my family, and of the other folks who willingly stepped up to read, play, pray and participate. The reception after Christmas Eve’s service, and the potluck after Christmas Day service had many helping hands. Bearded Brewer and Reedy Girl set up and prepped the food because I was focused elsewhere. Luminaries placed by Reedy Girl and The Johnnie shined a gentle path to the church doors. And candles were lit, flowers re-arranged, and the Ageless Story of the Christ Child was celebrated with joyful song. A friend played the pipe organ for the first time in years at a service; it seemed wholly appropriate for Christmas carols. We’ll be back to the band and our regular music genre this week. And all will be well.

My living room is still in the aftermath of Christmas. And when I stopped to look at it, I decided that it’s kind of like life — REAL life! There’s joy and there’s mess. There’s progress and there’s unfinished tasks. There’s memories and there’s a future to build together. And in all of it… God is there.


So whether or not your “do list” gets done today, I pray that you rest and enjoy the Love and the Peace that is Christmas!

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