Deb Needs…

Since our cats blog, I find out all kinds of interesting things about what goes on around here… you never know what they will tell you! Anyway, Tiria did a “needs meme” and I thought it would be fun to try it.

Besides, classes are done for a few weeks and I have a time to BURN!

Google your name and the word needs after it. Put the text string in quotes to limit your search. (i.e. “Deb needs”) List the first 10 items where your text string shows up in a complete sentence (assuming of course that they are G-rated…) and see what you get!!

I got 2,500 hits!

1) Deb needs HAL removed.
(I’m sorry Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that!)

2) Deb needs to be uploaded.
(errmmm… not yet. I hope.)

3) Deb needs Facebook.
(Of course! Doesn’t everyone?)

4) Deb needs help with whole words.
(Someone has been reading my papers!)

5) Deb needs help PLEASE!
(Geez. I know, I know!)

6) Deb needs a desktop file.
(Believe it or not, I don’t. Just today I cleaned up my desk!)

7) Deb needs helpers!
(I won’t turn you down!)

8) Deb needs more time to look at the menu.
(I confess that often happens.)

9) Deb needs “faction music input”.
(Have NO clue what that means…)

10) Deb needs a revelation when a grisly ax murderer kills a man & demolishes his car.

OK. Talk amongst yaselves and then try it.


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