A very late Friday Five

Mary Beth of RevGalBlogPals writes:

Here in my neck of the woods, rain is falling…a little uncharacteristic for August, but most welcome! It’ll be hot and humid later, but a break in the heat is most welcome. Also falling (especially into my driveway) are the fruits of the bois d’arc tree (also known as the Osage Orange). We call them “bowdarks” and enjoy bowling them down the driveway to the empty lot across the street. (Yes, I may be a redneck…)

Bois d’arc fruits are used only for: 1) making more trees and 2) eating by squirrels (if you have another use, please let me know!)

The wood of the bois d’arc tree, however, is very hard and very beautiful, and makes gorgeous items like this vase. Such a lovely thing, from such an odd-looking source!

For this Friday’s Five, share with us five transformations that the coming fall will bring your way.

OK… so this is what we saw last night…

and this…

(Is it even ALLOWED to think about the Fall when I’m on vacation???
Yeah. Re-entry is going to be hard… So I might as well do this Friday Five…)

1) Full-time coursework AND part-time pastoral work.
Last year, my internships were 1/3 of my classes. This coming year, working in ministry is added on to my load. Yeah… I know. It’s a lot.

2) College visits for The Harpist.
Currently, the list includes: William and Mary, St. John’s (Annapolis), Bryn Mawr and (because we need to ponder the range of possibilities) Univ. of Maryland and Johns Hopkins. And here’s a shock: Ohio State! Likely course of study in languages/linguistics or classical languages.

3) Pulpit supply. Maybe…? My current church has three excellent full-time teaching pastors. I want and need more experience… so I am putting my name out there for others to help supply the time in the trenches that I need. I believe (and have been told) I have a gift for communication. So, in faith, I’m working towards building on God’s gifting.

4) Final decisions on coursework. I am just at the halfway mark. I have some options for my classes that I have left, as well as some of the “everyone shall take forevermore and amen” requirements. Trying to get things in optimal sequence for the goal of finishing in 2010.

5) A trip to Ohio State for the OSU/UM game.
Yes. It’s in November. Yes. I’m excited!!!

Bonus: Give us your favorite activity that is made possible by the arrival of fall.
Gee. I know this will shock you… but it ain’t homework. It’s BUCKEYE FOOTBALL!!!!


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