Life on the Rapids…

My calendar is overstuffed.

I’m not complaining! It’s the hum of life… family… school.. interning… errands… household chores… But deep thought blogging just isn’t possible at moment…

I’m here. I’m doing well and feeling loved. One of my friends describes it as “life in the rapids” — exciting, busy, and all I can do is paddle and enjoy the ride!

Please do pray for me and the rest of the creative arts team from Journeys Crossing heading to Poitiers, France on Sunday, Nov. 11th!! I am part of a great team, very committed, very talented and I am learning a lot from all of them.

Here’s a rough schedule of our trip:

  • Sunday, 11/11 Depart Dulles around 5 p.m. Travel overnight, arrive at Charles deGaulle about 6 a.m. local time (12 midnight EST)
  • Monday, 11/12 Take train to Poitiers with equipment and luggage, arrive about lunch time. Spend afternoon renting band equipment, setting it up, checking into the hotel, getting groceries and making dinner, etc.
  • Tuesday, 11/13 Band rehearsal, walking tour of Poitiers
  • Wednesday, 11/14 and Thursday, 11/15 Coffeehouses (evenings – about 2 p.m EST)
  • Friday 11/16 and Saturday 11/17 community outreach for church, including an American Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Sunday 11/18 assist with morning church services, pack up and take train back to Paris
  • Monday, 11/19 Americans in Paris for the day! (yes, only one day.)
  • Tuesday, 11/20 head home to Dulles airport, return about 2:30 p.m. EST

Between now and the 11th, there’s lots of “stuff” going on. And if I get a chance, I’ll blog. It’s really amazing to watch God work.


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