some serious fun!

First… I got my swap from Mindy. WHAT FUN!!! I have hidden the hot chocolate. (With 4 confirmed chocoholics in the house, do you think I’m crazy???)

The Harpist swiped the headband (you can’t see it in the pic because it was already GONE!) There was a cool bookmark made with a silvery handle and beads. There was Play-Do (I am such a kid at heart), some fun, fun buttons, stickers and 3-D glasses, coupons, mini-gourds (SO cute) and more.

Next… the creative mind of ReedyGirl who decided that, after she took her hair out of many, many braids from a special “do” from the Ren Fest, she looked like Hermione. The Harpist was surprised but hammed it up for the camera… And then Reedy Girl posed with a “wand” (a wooden dowel, really. But don’t tell.)

Then… I saw a kiosk top (made of paper mache’) and thought that she could have an UMBRELLA Halloween costume… so we cut a hole out of the middle and put in a bicycle helmet so that she could wear it. Word on the street is that people thought she was a mushroom (aka a “Smurf Mushroom”) or a “blueberry meringue” BUT they liked it enough that they gave a 12 year old candy… so as far as she was concerned, it’s ALL good.

Finally… a major disappointment. I wanted The Harpist to call me for a ride home from high school on Halloween. I was all ready for her. I was going to be “Miss Understood” but alas!! She took the bus. Dang.

You know, I haven’t embarrassed her properly in front of her friends for at least, oh, three days. This seemed to be a golden opportunity. (Need I tell you that she was relieved that she decided to ride the “Cheese-Wagon” that day?)

My costume was inspired by Meryl Streep’s little known solo “Nobody Understands Me.” (Mindy – I must send you a CD… one of the songs is “COWS”!!! YES. REALLY!) And if you don’t know the words to the song, they are from the “Philadelphia Chickens” album…

And that, my friends, is all of the silliness that happened this week…

Everything else is quite serious. Really. You know me…


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