hitting a wall…

I know it’s late, but I’m hitting the wall in a
BIGway tonight.I have a sermon due on Malachi (my choice of pericope) the day after research paper #2 is due, and the day before my outline for research paper #3 is due… so I thought I would just knock it out and get it done.


This sermon is just not writing itself in the stilted
style of academia that the prof wants…
I don’t have any pictures, images,
or even “heart words”
to get me started…

I’ve prayed.
Left it and come back to it.
Read it aloud in a couple of versions.
Even tried an impromptu singing of it…
(yeah, THAT was pretty… the cat left the room…)

This paper is very blank…
VERY blank.

I’m done whining. I think “bed” is the best prescription for this.Maybe I’ll get an idea… in my dreams…


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