Making a list, Checking it twice…

Mine BBS (Beloved Bearded Spouse) is getting anxious. I can not seem to come up with a list of things for him to shop from… and this is not good. If I don’t do something soon, I will get things HE thinks maybe I’ll like. His batting average is so-so… And when he has an imaginative idea, it’s a dangerous thing. It’s his heart I love anyway, not his shopping clairvoyance factor.

The problem is, I don’t know what to tell him. The stuff I’d really like I don’t want to ask for because it’s, well, really considered something like conspicuous consumption. (It would only replace what I have that works fine or looks nice, I just want a newer/better/zippier/higher octane one…) The stuff I’d prefer is boring, or requires him to do something he doesn’t want to do or would cost a lot to pay someone to do it. I don’t really need more nice pens (I lose them) or desk accesories (I like what I have.) I’m not a jewelry freak. Poor guy! I need to help him out here… it’s just a wee dilemma. Do I tell him what I really want???

Can I dream big? I could ask for…
– a cleaning service. I CAN clean my own home. I just wish I didn’t have to… or that he has to deal with it when I am too wheezy to do it.
– getting the upstairs painted (it’s been 10 years… geesh!)
– new carpeting in our bedroom
– a kitchen make-over – floors, cabinets and definitely a paint job

Or do I go practical? For instance, I need to add to my commentaries… yeah, right. That’ll fly. I do need a new pair of slippers since the pair I have contributed to a rather ungraceful fall down the steps… and I could think of many things electronic and in the kilobuck category…

How about philosophical? Not just world peace, but JOY for those I know who are so depressed, or angry, or living the results of acting stupid. UNDERSTANDING for those who are struggling to see the meaning of the life. HEALING for the sick and COMFORT for the hurting…

SOoo… I am still stuck. I’m content with the blessings I see around me when I look at the faces at the dinner table, or read little notes on my desk… I’m aware of how much I have been given… Can I just get cards from Amazon and B&N?

dang it, he still wants that list...

I may just write down “World Peace” anyway. If “Miss Congeniality” can want it, then I can too!

From our home to yours…

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