Meditation on Isaiah 55:1-5

Flow through me as a never-ending source
of love
of mercy
of peace
of gentleness
Wash through me like a never-ending spring
of joy
of patience
of kindness
of faithfulness

Sand me down, Lord.
Wash me clean of the things You hate.
Move me on towards what You have called me to do.
Drip Your wisdom on me…

O God…
My Castle
My Redeemer
My Savior
The Lover of my soul…

I thirst no more.

From our home to yours…

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  1. […] As I began to think of the format and structure this Advent reflection might take, I remembered a wonderful meditation I found some years ago.  I knew I had saved it.  A quick Dropbox searched revealed it, Meditation on Isaiah 55: 1-5.  With the novelties and intricacies of technology, I saved this gem in November of 2006.  However, I neglected to include the source.  Once again, technology to the rescue and Google came up with the source.  Another RevGal had penned these words. Deb has graciously allowed me to use her words.  Thanks, Deb! […]


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