Before the skies opened up with hail and thunder, with a downpour overflowing the birdbath and pounding the stove exhaust hood, there was this… The return of hummingbirds to my feeders. Swift. Quiet. Lovers of the sweet life.  A sermon in itself.  

Autumn Alleluia

Autumn Alleluia This fleeting moment when leaves turn, one by one, from green to gold and orange, I stop and take a breath. Life drifts by, the moments blur into days, into weeks, into years. I stop and look up and offer a silent Thanksgiving for all of the good gifts God brings. Even in death, … More Autumn Alleluia

The Labyrinth: 10 bricks in (or “Honey, I bent the trowel!”)

I worked on setting in some of the pavers today. It was a less than productive start. For one thing, the very first brick I was setting in, I encountered a rock the size of Gibraltar. (OK, I exaggerate!) But it was pretty big. To get it out of the way, I dug and chipped … More The Labyrinth: 10 bricks in (or “Honey, I bent the trowel!”)