The Labyrinth: 10 bricks in (or “Honey, I bent the trowel!”)

I worked on setting in some of the pavers today. It was a less than productive start.

For one thing, the very first brick I was setting in, I encountered a rock the size of Gibraltar. (OK, I exaggerate!) But it was pretty big.

Stupid rock!
Stupid rock!

To get it out of the way, I dug and chipped away at the clay around it, and ended up bending all of my hand tools.


Yeah, that wasn’t so good. But it was clear I wasn’t using the right tool for the job. (You may all say a collective ‘WELL DUH!’ to me…)

So then I regrouped and went and got a larger shovel. It worked pretty well and I made progress until it really started pouring. Time to take a retreat and try again tomorrow. Plus, I needed to buy a new trowel. Nothing like having the RIGHT tool for the RIGHT job!

The good news is, I managed to get ten bricks set in the ground. Only 165+ to go! This labyrinth will be a lesson in persistence, if nothing else. (And hey – if you are so inclined, come on over! I’ll loan you a shovel and a pair of gloves…)

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  1. I had a similar experience this summer, only I was digging out a rain garden bed and encountered a *giant* maple root right where I’d planned to put a shrub. Now that space is occupied by a visible root instead :-).


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