Book Review: Raising White Kids

Book Review and Give-Away! (see below) Jennifer Harvey,  Raising White Kids: Bringing Up Children in a Racially Unjust America. (Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2017), hardcover, 306 pages. This is a must-read book for white parents, educators and adults — and even if you are not a parent! The dominance and ignorance of white America has contributed to the racial tensions … More Book Review: Raising White Kids

Book Review: Healing Spiritual Wounds

Book Review Carol Howard Merritt, Healing Spiritual Wounds: Reconnecting with a Loving God after Experiencing a Hurtful Church (New York: Harper One, 2017), hardcover, 232 pages. Carol Howard Merritt, known for her insightful writing in the Christian Century and her previous books* offers a gentle work for those who have endured mistreatment by the Church. … More Book Review: Healing Spiritual Wounds

Book Review: “Ruined” by Ruth Everhart

TRIGGER WARNING: Rape; sexual assault. As a mother, I’ve had more than enough good advice to pour into my daughters’ ears.  (I’m sure, in fact, I’ve said TOO much!) Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to say, “here is my story… learn from it!” But Ruth Everhart’s memoir is one of courage, honesty and integrity. The … More Book Review: “Ruined” by Ruth Everhart

BOOK REVIEW: Daddy, this is it. 

Daddy, this is it. Being-with my Dying Dad by Julie Saeger Nierenberg. Self-published (c) 2013. ISBN: 0-9919-2070-8. Paperback 72 pages. This simple, autobiographical volume shares the journey of one daughter with her father through hospice. Julie writes about the real, painful journey of walking with her father through his diagnosis, treatment and eventual admission … More BOOK REVIEW: Daddy, this is it.