Safe Journeys

A back road in the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve

Sometimes the country lanes that are a part of my travels are the best part of my day. I see a rabbit skitter across the asphalt. I hear a blue jay scolding in the trees overhead. Sometimes I hear a breeze rattle the leaves… but many of these summer days, it’s just humid and still.

It’s a change of pace from the usual drive down the interstate, battling for my lane, merging traffic, waiting through traffic lights…

I slow down on this road (not just because of the speed limit!) and open my sun roof. And in a moment of irony, I crank up the A/C, windows opened wide, as I drive to my next appointment. It’s 92 degrees and humid and I don’t want to get overheated.

Most days I don’t see another car on these roads. I stopped to take this photo through my windshield, looking ahead through the trees. I know that in just a few feet, the road will dip suddenly and dive in a series of twists and turns, following a streambed. A quarter-mile later, the road will burst out into open fields of corn, two more miles, and I’m back on I-270, driving like Speed Racer. But for this moment, there are shade trees, bending over the road, creating this archway of green and loveliness.

And I breathe…

I realize that… this little jaunt through the Middle-of-Nowhere, Montgomery County, is a picture of every day life. While we can anticipate the ups and downs, there’s always the challenge of meeting them. Of anticipating the changes ahead, but also being present in the moment. Enjoying where we are. Enjoying the ride.

Safe journeys, friends, wherever God leads you today.

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