Today is the one year anniversary of our mom’s death. I was present when she died with two of my sisters who had carried the lion’s share of her care. It was gentle and peaceful, and it was time.

In the year since her death, we’ve survived! Survived COVID and all of its fears and rules. Survived moments of tears and memories, with prayers of thankfulness. Survived the well-meaning (but clueless) comments. Survived her birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Mother’s Day. And missed her.

Today I took off work. I couldn’t care for other grieving folks if I couldn’t feel, remember, and struggle with my own grief. Tomorrow I’ll pick up my tasks of caring and listening. Hospice chaplaincy is an amazing work. But even the chaplain (especially the chaplain!) needs to rest and renew… and remember.

Today I did some odd chores, sat in my hammock swing, read a little, and rested a lot. There were tears and smiles. I’ll always miss her. But I’ll keep on living out her example (though I had a few less kids, TBTG) and keep on loving the people God puts in my path.

Thanks, Mom. We all love you.

Family photo
Mom with her kids and kids-in-law and grandkids at her 100th birthday party in 2018.

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