God makes all things new

This morning was the first real snow of the season. I know those of you who live in REAL snow country are chuckling. Us MidAtlantic types really don’t get much snow accumulating. We just don’t. This first round of precipitation was a lovely dusting of snow flurries, just as church finished up this morning.

I took a few pictures of the frosted shrubs and plantings. It barely counted as a “real” snowfall. Just enough to be pretty. Just enough to make everything fresh and new. Just enough to change the commonplace into something miraculous.

How you feel about snow depends a lot on your perspective, and whether or not you need to drive very far. Since it’s a holiday weekend, the traffic home from church was very light. I have an afternoon of reading, football and knitting. (Not all at the same time!) So I have the luxury of watching and enjoying this first snowfall.

Here’s a few more photos to enjoy from the warmth of your sofa.

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